• Automated Payment Processing

    Accept one-time and recurring credit card or ACH payments automatically with our built-in payment processing features.

  • Automated Communication

    JustBok Feels the gap Between you and your customers, Automated sms system helps you to make you customer aware of each and every Events Timings or any update related your Business.

  • Membership Management

    JustBok makes your customer Registration Easy, With JB now you can manage your customer Details Easily and hassle free online. Filter and search features

  • Member Retention

    JustBok Help you to get your customer back. By always be in touch with your customer. this provides customer info regarding there account And also expiration .You can notify your customer by sms..

  • Club Management System

    Club Management System you can create different clubs and add members to clubs and manage them from anywhere it helps you to Manage your Club members easy and track there activity.

  • Retail Management

    Retail management Helps you to manage the products you sale to your customer keep complete track of products you sale this helps to manage the Business products you sale to your customer.

  • Website Integration

    Website Integration is possible with our any product so we are always ready for you to integrate with your own website !

  • Point of sale

    Our product gives you hassle free managing of your accounts, settlements, customer financial data base.

  • Biometric Attendance

    With Bio metric attendance you can track attendance and know peak hours and divert your customers at non-peak hours and keep record of time they spend at your place!

  • Reports

    An essential feature for your business it helps your business to move in right direction We provide analytics which helps to enhance your business and keep moving in successful direction!

  • Walk-in Followup Alerts

    Boost up your gym membership sales up to 30%. A timely follow-up to hot leads can increase your sales and our follow-up system enables you to create SMS campaigns & update your potential clients for latest offers & discounts.

  • Billing

    Generate invoices for the gym membership, group classes, personal training. Group membership is here now! Create invoices for couples, corporate or groups. We kept billing easy and quick in our gym software.

  • Enquiry / Walkin

    Boost up your sale with the timely follow-up to potential clients and manage their follow-up history and create campaigns.

  • Group Classes

    Separate billing and management feature for group classes. The client can have multiple group classes signed up.

  • Personal Training

    Keep the check on trainer commission and classes with specialized personal training management feature in software.

  • Unlimited access

    Manage with no limits! Unlimited packages, clients, and user logins. There is no limit on the amount of data you store.

  • Point Of Sale

    POS enables you to sell eatables or any kind of products in your gym or fitness club. Auto manages inventory & products.

  • Alerts

    Get alerts for inquiry follow-up, pending payments, membership renewal, client birthday, marriage anniversary and absent clients.

  • Scheduling Management

    Never worry about double bookings again. Simplify your schedule with all trainers, classes, PT sessions, pools & boot camps in one beautiful, color-coded screen

  • Online Booking for Members

    Having the freedom to book classes from any device means your members are more engaged with their health, and your business

  • Online Booking for Staff

    With your members booking online, your staff can focus more on training instead of admin. Although your trainers will love the ability to book in your members from any device, helping members commit to their fitness goals

  • Online Signup

    Automate your signup process and increase your membership numbers with seamless website integration. You'll love the live-updating timetable, too.

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